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OR Day 2017

    The 6th Operational Research Day took place in Brussels on 2 June and featured 14 presentations and 4 panel discussions. Take a look at the video for a selection of discussed topics and impressions of the day, or browse through the presentations below. Each presentation is also available in full for streaming in the video section.

    Friday 2nd June 2017
    From 9am to 17.30pm
    In Brussels and livestreamed


    [To see the presentations, click on the red underlined title]


    Master of Ceremonies – Armand Sprecher


    Bertrand Draguez

    09h15    SLOT 1

    HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis: Emerging opportunities and new challenges! 
    Chairs: Nathan Ford and Marc Biot

    Panel: Bart Janssens, Tom Ellman, Leen Verhenne, Doris Burtscher, Jean-François Véran, Emilie Venables

    Each study has its drawing!
    Click on the drawings to see them closer. ©Drawnalism/Alex Hughes

    17h20    CLOSING REMARKS

    Sebastian Spencer