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Operational Research 2020-2024: Strategic meeting in Luxembourg

LuxOR team. July 2020. © MSF
In Luxemburg 

    After a long period of teleworking and videoconferencing, MSF’s operational research team LuxOR last week met in Luxembourg city for to devise its global strategy for the coming four years. Researcher advisors from Belgium, Lebanon, London, and Canada joined or called into the meeting, and both MSF OCB medical director Sebastian Spencer and MSF Luxembourg director Roger Martinez-Dolz attended the discussions.

    On the day’s agenda were:

    • the successful Structured Operational Research Training Initiative,
    • novel formats for capacity building,
    • major research domains and emerging  priorities,
    • as well as improved research support and policy & practice implementation for field colleagues and communities in humanitarian settings.

    The resulting strategy paper will be presented in autumn

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